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As India’s leading uPVC windows and doors maker, Simta Astrix crafts weatherproof havens of style and security. Defy rain or shine with robust builds, customise your space with endless options and let innovative tech and modern aesthetics enhance your home. Experience the Simta Astrix difference – quality built to last, comfort guaranteed!

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Simta Astrix Windows & Doors

Simta Astrix redefines spaces with weatherproof uPVC, modern ABS and designer doors, each embodying comfort and security. Transform your home with a touch of style and practicality, making a lasting statement. Unfold your vision, as Simta Astrix crafts not just windows and doors but personalised narratives for your living spaces. Elevate your surroundings with a blend of durability and aesthetic finesse!

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Experience comfort and peace with Simta Astrix windows and doors! They resist wind, rain and pests, offering strong protection. Stay cosy all year with thermal stability and forget about warping. Enjoy peace with superior soundproofing and keep bugs out. Easy cleaning means less hassle for you. Simta Astrix: where durability meets comfort. Explore your options today!

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Our customers rave about our exceptional products and unparalleled customer service. Watch their testimonials to see why!


German uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers

The Simta Astrix Journey

Welcome to SIMTA ASTRIX, with over three decades of history. Since our 1991 inception, we’ve evolved from textile machinery to eco-friendly uPVC windows and doors. Partnering with Jacobi propelled us to textile dominance, while collaborations with DuPont, Baerlocher and Arkema established global leadership in uPVC products. Today, we’re India’s largest manufacturer with an 18,000 TPA capacity, emphasising quality, innovation and exceptional customer support.

Precision Engineered, Comfort Delivered


At Simta Astrix, the manufacturing excellence revolves around cutting-edge machinery and high-quality global raw materials from esteemed companies like Renolit, Kaneka, LG and DuPont. Our system integrates precision through automated blending, European-made extrusion for profile dimension integrity and hot melt PUR for profile lamination. With a strong emphasis on R&D and quality standards, our efficient logistics, high stocking capacity and steady production further guarantee timely deliveries.

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Our Locations

Simta Astrix, takes pride in offering top-notch uPVC windows and doors, ABS doors and designer doors to enhance the beauty and security of your spaces. We understand the importance of convenience, so we have strategically located our branches to serve you better. No matter where you are, Simta Astrix is within reach to meet your needs.

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Designer Doors in Bangalore | Designer Doors in Hyderabad | Designer Doors in Delhi | Designer Doors in Gurgaon | Designer Doors in Ghaziabad | Designer Doors in Tamil Nadu | Designer Doors in Chennai | Designer Doors in Madurai | Designer Doors in Coimbatore | Designer Doors in Tiruchirapalli | Designer Doors in Thanjavur | Designer Doors in Karnataka | Designer Doors in Bengaluru | Designer Doors in Mangalore | Designer Doors in Hubli | Designer Doors in Mysuru | Designer Doors in Shivamogga | Designer Doors in Andhra Pradesh | Designer Doors in Visakhapatnam | Designer Doors in Vijayawada | Designer Doors in Guntur | Designer Doors in Nellore | Designer Doors in Kurnool | Designer Doors in Telangana | Designer Doors in Hyderabad | Designer Doors in Warangal | Designer Doors in Nizamabad | Designer Doors in Khammam | Designer Doors in Puducherry | Designer Doors in Karaikal | Designer Doors in Mahe | Designer Doors in Yanam | Designer Doors in Maharashtra | Designer Doors in Mumbai | Designer Doors in Pune | Designer Doors in Nashik | Designer Doors in Nagpur | Designer Doors in Thane | Designer Doors in Gujarat | Designer Doors in Ahmedabad | Designer Doors in Surat | Designer Doors in Vadodara | Designer Doors in Rajkot | Designer Doors in Vapi | Designer Doors in Gandhinagar | Designer Doors in Bhuj | Designer Doors in Rajasthan | Designer Doors in Kota | Designer Doors in Jaipur | Designer Doors in Ajmer | Designer Doors in Jodhpur | Designer Doors in Bikaner | Designer Doors in Dungarpur | Designer Doors in Punjab | Designer Doors in Ludhiana | Designer Doors in Amritsar | Designer Doors in Jalandhar | Designer Doors in Chandigarh | Designer Doors in Kapurthala | Designer Doors in Odisha | Designer Doors in Bhubaneswar | Designer Doors in Sambalpur | Designer Doors in Cuttack | Designer Doors in Raurkela | Designer Doors in Brahmapur | Designer Doors in Puri | Designer Doors in West Bengal | Designer Doors in Kolkata | Designer Doors in Asansol | Designer Doors in Siliguri | Designer Doors in Durgapur | Designer Doors in Darjeeling | Designer Doors in Bankur | Designer Doors in Himachal Pradesh | Designer Doors in Shimla | Designer Doors in Kangra | Designer Doors in Hamirpur | Designer Doors in Una | Designer Doors in Solan | Designer Doors in Bilaspur

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ABS Doors in Bangalore | ABS Doors in Hyderabad | ABS Doors in Delhi | ABS Doors in Gurgaon | ABS Doors in Ghaziabad | ABS Doors in Tamil Nadu | ABS Doors in Chennai | ABS Doors in Madurai | ABS Doors in Coimbatore | ABS Doors in Tiruchirapalli | ABS Doors in Thanjavur | ABS Doors in Karnataka | ABS Doors in Bengaluru | ABS Doors in Mangalore | ABS Doors in Hubli | ABS Doors in Mysuru | ABS Doors in Shivamogga | ABS Doors in Andhra Pradesh | ABS Doors in Visakhapatnam | ABS Doors in Vijayawada | ABS Doors in Guntur | ABS Doors in Nellore | ABS Doors in Kurnool | ABS Doors in Telangana | ABS Doors in Hyderabad | ABS Doors in Warangal | ABS Doors in Nizamabad | ABS Doors in Khammam | ABS Doors in Puducherry | ABS Doors in Karaikal | ABS Doors in Mahe | ABS Doors in Yanam | ABS Doors in Maharashtra | ABS Doors in Mumbai | ABS Doors in Pune | ABS Doors in Nashik | ABS Doors in Nagpur | ABS Doors in Thane | ABS Doors in Gujarat | ABS Doors in Ahmedabad | ABS Doors in Surat | ABS Doors in Vadodara | ABS Doors in Rajkot | ABS Doors in Vapi | ABS Doors in Gandhinagar | ABS Doors in Bhuj | ABS Doors in Rajasthan | ABS Doors in Kota | ABS Doors in Jaipur | ABS Doors in Ajmer | ABS Doors in Jodhpur | ABS Doors in Bikaner | ABS Doors in Dungarpur | ABS Doors in Punjab | ABS Doors in Ludhiana | ABS Doors in Amritsar | ABS Doors in Jalandhar | ABS Doors in Chandigarh | ABS Doors in Kapurthala | ABS Doors in Odisha | ABS Doors in Bhubaneswar | ABS Doors in Sambalpur | ABS Doors in Cuttack | ABS Doors in Raurkela | ABS Doors in Brahmapur | ABS Doors in Puri | ABS Doors in West Bengal | ABS Doors in Kolkata | ABS Doors in Asansol | ABS Doors in Siliguri | ABS Doors in Durgapur | ABS Doors in Darjeeling | ABS Doors in Bankur | ABS Doors in Himachal Pradesh | ABS Doors in Shimla | ABS Doors in Kangra | ABS Doors in Hamirpur | ABS Doors in Una | ABS Doors in Solan | ABS Doors in Bilaspur
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