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Simta Astrix

SIMTA group is an innovative and inspiring entity, promoted by technocrats of professional excellence and dedication.

  • 2016 :- Increased production of Upvc windows profiles to a capacity of 3600 TPA.
  • 2014:- To fulfil the demand and supply gap, Simta has increased the production capacity to 1500 TPA with product quality and service excellence.
  • 2013 :- Given a good potential in the market and also the product preserves the nature and positive possibility on energy saving, SIMTA group has diversified into the production of WINDOW & DOOR PROFILES with an installed capacity of 900 TPA, besides the excellent track record and intention of diversification in business.
  • 2006 SIMTA machinery private limited has the collaboration with the undisputed world leader in OVERHEAD TRAVELLING CLEANER TECHNOLOGY OF C-PORT JACOBI, GMBH, GERMANY.
  • SIMTA MACHINERY PRIVATE LIMITED started in the year of 2002 to manufacture overhead travelling cleaners, bobbin transport systems and other textile ancillary equipments.
  • 2001 SIMTA CLEAR COATS PRIVATE LIMITED is incorporated to manufacture FLOCKED CLEARER ROLLERS, CLEARER ROLLER CLEANING MACHINE, AND AUTOFEEDER for cleaning machine, and becomes the only approved supplier of clearer rollers to the top global OEM’s like KTTM, REITER, ZENSER, TOYOTA, MARZOLI, ...
  • SIMTA MANUFACTURING COMPANY incorporated in the year of 1991 to manufacture SPINDLE TAPES.

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