Quality is every one’s responsibility and we never have stopped getting better.
Quality of any business will be a success, only if the quality in selection of machines, machine Tools, Raw materials, Process, work force, systems and finally the testing equipments is ensured.

Hence SIMTA has set up the UPVC profile manufacturing with the following facilities:-

  • Extrusion plant from CINCINNATI
  • Molds are made as per proven German design.
  • Raw materials sourced from world renowned suppliers, DUPONT, LG Chem, KANEKA, BAERLOCHER.
  • The Entire process is automated for consistency in the production.

Testing lab equipped with the following instruments:-

  • UTM-for tensile & weld strength testing & compression strength.
  • Impact tester – for profile strength.
  • Falling mass tester subzero freezer unit: To find the breakage of profile at low temperature.
  • Hot air oven: To find the properties of thermal stability and shrinkage.
  • Density tester: To Find out the Density of Profile.
  • Filler Content test: To find out the filler content which determine the quality of UPVC compound.
  • Vicat softension temperature test: To test the thermal property of the profile.
  • Hardness tester: To find out the hardness of the profile (rigidity)
  • Spectro photo meter: To find the color variation in the profile.
  • Gloss meter: To find the surface finish.

Skilled professional in the core strength of SIMTA to design, Develop & Manufacture of UPVC Profiles.

Moulds as per German Technology
Process Automation
Moulds as per German Technology

Test Certificate